Is Your Speech Killing Your Dreams???

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    Words Are Powerful:

    Lately, I've been working on a few designs for a series of clothing that I will be releasing this month called "Words Are Powerful." The words that you speak over yourself have more weight than you may realize, especially if they're negative. I am releasing this series of clothing to help you shift your words and automatic patterns of thinking from negative to positive. Proverbs 18:21 says, "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit." This is pretty powerful! Think about this for a minute: Not only can what you say bring life, but it can also bring death! Your words can bring death! This could be death to a relationship, your dreams, and goals, or anything else in life. I once heard that a negative stroke is 16x more powerful than a positive stroke. Negative words have a lot of weight to them and I want to encourage you to change this bad habit that may be delaying God's blessings in your life.


    Negativity Is Everywhere:

    Our society is saturated with negativity. The news and media constantly bombard us with coverage of something negative, and understandably this is necessary for it to thrive. This is also unfortunately how many people thrive. Some people seem to get a kick out of telling themselves things like, "I'm going to fail that test", "I failed that test", "There's no way I can win", "I can't do it", or "I suck at this." I think you get the idea.


    But, the truth is, we can only thrive off of negativity for so long. I believe that truly thriving comes from positivity. Our limits begin with what we repeatedly tell ourselves, and it's been scientifically proven that we believe the words that we tell ourselves more than the words we hear from other people.




    Every time we say something negative about ourselves, our life, our current situation, etc. we only fuel the problem.

    I completely understand how difficult it is not to speak negatively. I used to speak negatively all the time, and I still struggle with this at times. Here's the kicker: it is human nature to focus on the negative. This is evident in the fact that we hear it all the time - from our parents and/or friends - so we emulate it, and before we know it, this is a habit.


    Renew That Mind of Yours:

    Despite this, God created you to conquer your negative fleshly desires and habits because you are more than them. Romans 12:2 says, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." This nonconformity that Paul talks about also applies to speech. Everything we say begins with a thought, so if we change our thoughts, then our speech, in turn, will change.


    As Christians we should not be thinking negatively like much of the world does because it only hinders us - in our relationships, in our walk with God, in achieving our dreams, etc.


    I want to encourage you and help you to replace your automatic negative thinking with positive thinking - EVEN WHEN YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IT OR FEEL LIKE IT! Remember, the more you say something, the more you believe it, and the more you speak negatively about things, the more it becomes automatic. The same goes for positive thinking. The more you speak positively, the more you believe it.


    This is where walking by faith and not by sight can be applied, as Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:7. You need faith that whatever it is you want to improve will change, and speaking negatively is not evidence of faith. If you never believe things can change, your life will reflect that. Most importantly, you most likely won't get to live out all that God has for you.


    Attitude is everything! Your attitude towards life is evident in what you say. REHEARSING TO YOURSELF THE REALITY OF YOUR CURRENT SITUATION IS NOT HELPING YOU. Rehearse what you want to happen instead.


    Chances are, you've had the habit of being negative for most of your life, or at least for several years. This takes work to change. It's not an overnight fix, but neither is fixing anything worthwhile. When are you going to have the resolve to stop limiting yourself? If all you expect is for something negative to happen, or if all you expect is to stay stuck in your situation and for things not to change, then so be it. You get what you say.


    Here's a challenge for you: Every day until January 1, 2020 (for the next 15 days), I want to challenge you to not say a single negative thing about yourself or your abilities.

    • This will get you in the habit of checking your thoughts at the door of your mind so you can renew it!
    • Tally the number of times each day that you say or think something negative. You might be surprised at the end of the day by the number.
    • (Always feel free to keep this up for the rest of your life to receive the maximum benefit!)
    • Please do not beat yourself up over this if this number is high. We all have to start somewhere.
    • You will never be perfect at this, but my hope for you is that this will help you think about what you're thinking about to eliminate as much negativity from your mind as possible!
    You can always find a reason to be negative, but are you going to stay that way, or are you going to change your words so you can change your life?


    A great book that I recommend if you struggle with negative thought patterns is  Pep Talk by Terri Savelle Foy. You can click here to buy it!


    Don't forget to click here to signup for your free Bible study with me today!

    God bless,

    Jacqueline Ferrari


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