Thank You Mom. It's Your Day Now!

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As Mother’s Day approaches, I find myself revisiting memories of both my childhood and recent years. I’ve done a lot of reflecting and introspection on the past few years, starting from when I left home for the States nearly three years ago. I’ve realized the number of sacrifices my mother has made for me, not just in monetary terms, but in physical and emotional ones as well.

What's My Story?

First and foremost, my mother has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on me. My education in the States has probably deprived her of several nice trips and forced her to stay at a job she dislikes. Nearly every day, I think about how I am spending that money in the classroom, and it motivates me again. Raising kids is expensive, y’all.

One of my favorite stories that my mother tells me is the one of my birth. The day I was supposed to be born, fetus me somehow wrapped the umbilical cord around my own neck and positioned my body the wrong way, forcing the doctors to do a C-section. My mom told me that the doctor refused to listen to her cries of pain, and proceeded to cut her open. Then she showed me the white scar carved into her skin, physical proof that binds me to her. Raising me has taken a physical toll on her body. Because she has to pay for my high school tuition, she is constantly at a job where the stress levels are sky-high.

I remember asking my mother whether she ever regretted sending me to the States for high school when I was only fifteen. She said that she regretted it very much at first because she would miss four more years of spending time with me, but then she said, after seeing how I'd grown, she didn’t regret it anymore.

Here's the Deal:

It’s hard for mothers to ever let go of their children when they go off to college and into the world. It breaks their heart to lose such a central part of their lives; someone they carried around with them for nine months, someone they had cared for probably eighteen years. It’s hard for us as kids to leave home, but even harder for our parents to see us leave. Nothing breaks their hearts more.

Mothers have nearly always been characterized as loving, caring and selfless - the epitome of unconditional love. There will probably be no one else who loves you as unconditionally as your mother does because mothers will never want anything in return. They will never resent you for spending their money, and no matter what they say, they do not hate you for cutting up their bodies. The bond that we develop with our mothers can never be severed, even after death.

As an aspiring writer, I try to give my mom presents that utilize my creative abilities. Naturally, I have written her several poems, several letters, made her a collage of images, and even wrote her a piano song. All of which, while nothing close to being masterpieces, tell her how much I love and appreciate her.

Here's a Challenge:

For Mothers' Day, I challenge each and every one of you to think about the sacrifices your mother has made for you, remember the fondest memories you have with your mother, and tell her you love her. Hug her. Tell her you appreciate her and wish her a happy mother’s day!

Who is Emma Wang?

Emma Wang is a 17-year-old writer born in Xi’an, China but currently attends Indian Springs School in Alabama. Her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Arts and Writing awards, and has appeared or is forthcoming in Cosmonauts Avenue, The Harpoon Review, Blue Marble Review, The Mire, K’in Literary Journal, and more. She founded and co-runs the Goya Writer’s Workshop, an international online workshop for young writers. She is usually tired.

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