THIS Is What Happens When You Don't Let Your Age Stop You!!

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What if I told you about a 17-year old kid who didn't let his age stop him from accomplishing his goals? What if I told you this 17-year old is a self-made multi-millionaire? What if I told you that he is also a motivational speaker, who has spoken with the likes of Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuck? Would you believe me? Whether you do or not, he's real. He's Caleb Maddix and he's one of my biggest inspirations. He's achieved more in 17 years than most people ever will in a lifetime. He's an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and a 9x author! Caleb has been voted one of the top 20 most motivational people in the world, as well as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30. Did I mention that he's only 17 years old?

Caleb inspires me because he is my age and he is impacting millions of people around the globe. He has already grasped the principles for success at such a young age, when I know so many people, of all ages, who constantly make excuses for why they cannot accomplish things. Many tell themselves “One day I’m gonna.” For those who carry this mindset into adulthood, that “one day” will never come because they never take action. Caleb Maddix took action by getting his first book published at the age of 13. A quote that he lives by is, “The gun that kills the most people is the gonna.” He didn’t let his age stop him. It’s just a number. Every time I listen to him, it prompts me to ask myself three questions: ‘If he is my age, doing amazing things like this, why can’t I do the same?’, ‘What excuses am I making?’, and ‘Are there any goals that I need to take action towards right now?’

If Caleb Maddix can achieve phenomenal feats as a teenager, then why can't you, however old you are? I don't care about your age, or any other excuse you want to throw at me. It's time to get rid of the excuses. It's time to be phenomenal or be forgotten! It's time to be more like Caleb Maddix!

What excuses have you been using lately for why you aren't where you want to be in life? Let me know in the comments below!

Take a few minutes today to watch this interview with Caleb! The kid has a lot of practical knowledge to share. If you don’t think you have any time to watch this video, you can always listen to it while in the shower, while brushing your teeth, or while in the car. There’s always time!


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