Unbelievable Secrets To Studying The Bible With Someone!

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    A 4 Minute Read + An 8 Minute Video

    When studying the Bible with someone, it is ideal to begin by meeting people where they are at. Find out their story and what they have been through in their lives. Find out their personal beliefs, and if they go to church regularly or not. Of course, do it with love. Then, it's a good idea to ask them if they have any questions, concerns, or topics that they would like to cover.

    In my opinion, it's important to cover the basics of Christianity before answering too many of their questions so they don't get lost. Some of their questions may even be answered while covering the basics. Even if they are a Christian, or consider themselves one, it's important to discuss the basics and give them a solid foundation for their faith because there are many Christians who lack this solid foundation and understanding of what it means to be a Christian. The basics of the faith include topics such as: how to become a Christian, why did Jesus die for us, just to name a few. (Watch the short video below to learn more about this.) The person's questions are important, of course, but it might be a good idea to answer their questions later on, or even as you go if more questions come up. Just try to keep in mind that answering too many of their questions up front without providing them with the basic understanding that they need may confuse them even more.

    Something else that I want to touch on is knowing how to bring up the topic of a Bible study because more often than not, to do a Bible study, you're going to have to ask people if they're interested in doing one. This means reaching out. People aren't going to come up to you and ask, "Can we do a Bible study?" (That has never happened to me, at least.) Most people don't study the Bible on their own, so they probably wouldn't ask you to do something with them that they aren't already doing. This is why you must reach out to them and ask. (I do think it is much easier to start this conversation if you know someone pretty well. Do get to know people a little bit, unless the subject comes up earlier.) If you're wondering how to bring up the topic of a Bible study, one place to start is by asking the person if they go to church regularly. If they say they do, then ask them if they would like to do a Bible study, and go from there. If they say no, I would first invite them to your church, and see if they are really interested in studying the Bible from there.

    Another great way to bring up the subject is to relate it to a past conversation that you have had with the person regarding the Bible, or even one that you overheard them having with someone else regarding the Bible or Christianity. People at my school often bring up the Bible or Christianity quite a bit in general conversation. I usually take this as an opportunity to ask people privately if they would like to study the Bible with me. I mention the conversation first, as a segway into the question.

    A third way to bring up the conversation would be to ask people who attack you for your faith. Some people may try to trip you up and pointlessly question you in order to attack you for being a Christian. If they ask a bunch of questions, then tell them that you would be willing to show them the answers if they are willing to sit down and do a Bible study with you so you can show them what the Scriptures say. See how they respond and go from there. This is also a way to decipher people's motives - whether they are trying to trip you up or not.

    Studying the Bible with others isn't always easy. You may not know all the answers to people's questions. You may feel overwhelmed and not quite know where to start. You may feel like what you're doing won't make a difference. I have experienced all of these things many times. I also want to stress to you to never take things too personally. People won't always want to study the Bible with you for whatever reason. You may show people what's in the Bible, but the things they have been taught get in the way of them really understanding the Bible. People may want to change their thinking. People may not like you because of the things you are showing them. Remember, this is all on them. Don't get discouraged. Above all that happens, it's important to keep in mind that God is going to judge everyone. He sees your efforts, and he will deal with the people who are ultimately rejecting Him.

    Lastly and most importantly, always pray about the study beforehand. Pray that God will give you the wisdom to correctly teach someone his Word and that the person will openly receive what they are being taught and apply it to their lives.

    Watch the video below to learn about several topics that I would consider to be the basics of Christianity!


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