On Leaving My Mark

Ever since I was about 12 years old, my dad has encouraged me to start an eCommerce store. I never really took the idea seriously until 2018, when I realized I needed a way to make money because my parents are not "made of money," as my mom likes to say. Sports and various other after school activities are high priorities for me, and I knew that working any kind of job might hinder me or reduce my participating in these. So, to make my dad (and mom) proud, and go for it, I started working on a business idea in August of 2018.

I brainstormed a few ideas, and originally settled on selling Christian books, but realized that selling clothing would be significantly easier starting out. My dad introduced me to motivational speakers and did Bible studies with me often, which I wasn't crazy about at first, but now very much appreciate and enjoy. This prompted the thought, 'why not combine these two things that I appreciate and enjoy learning about, because, after all, they do go hand-in-hand?' Thus, Christian and motivational clothing became my area of focus.

I got the idea for the name "Leave Ur Marks" two months before I began brainstorming for my business. For the past few summers, I have gone to Harding University with my church youth group for a week-long camp called Uplift. The theme for 2018 was "Leave Ur Mark."  This was actually my original idea for a name, but I added an s to the end for two reasons: 1) The domain name, www.leaveurmark.com was already taken. 2) After the suggestion of a eCommerce guru, I realized that encouraging people to leave multiple marks better encompassed my vision.

For several months, after deciding what I would sell, I persevered through trial after trial, with many mistakes, but on February 25, 2019, Leave Ur Marks officially opened for business!

At Leave Ur Marks we seek to spread inspiring and honest messages to advance the gospel and motivate people to improve their lives, all through messages on clothing.

"Leave your marks on the world before the world marks you."