Who Is Jacqueline Ferrari?

I am a teenager who is passionate about inspiring people of all ages to become their best selves and live out their God-given dreams. Before I became a Christian, I was already sharing the gospel in the form of Scripture-filled tracts to almost anyone I came in contact with, just like my dad regularly did. This even included my teachers and coaches. It was so ironic because I wasn't a Christian. In the eighth grade, on a fall day after tennis practice, I decided to share a tract with my tennis coach, who thanked me, and assuming that I was one, asked me why I was a Christian. His question caught me off guard because no one had ever asked me this before. I hesitated to mention to him that I was not yet a Christian, so he questioned me a second time, "Well what are you waiting for?" I replied, "Nothing, I guess." I proceeded to make arrangements to be baptized. It ended up being two days later, but I became a Christian on October 2, 2015. I was 13 years old, and still full of the same passion for sharing the gospel, as I had all the years leading up to that moment. Years later, I aim to continue in this passion, which is why I started Leave Ur Marks.

I first got the idea for the name "Leave Ur Marks" in 2018 from Uplift, a week-long summer camp at Harding University. The theme for the week was "Leave Your Mark." I decided to use this name for my website, though I wanted to go even further and pluralize the name to "Leave Ur Marks" because I believe that we all have multiple marks to make and talents to share with the world. This ought to encourage us not to settle or remain complacent upon singular or isolated successes. We're all born with a full paint bucket, and we need to die with it empty, having marked up the world!

Here are 5 additional fun facts about me:

1) I am enrolled in a boarding school.

2) My favorite color is blue.

3) I love writing/playing music and working out.

4) I don't really have a favorite Bible verse, but one that really speaks to me is Phil. 4:6 (Go to my Scripture Wall under the tab "About Jacqueline" to find out my top 10).

5) I almost always listen to a sermon or motivational message on YouTube while I am doing something such as showering, doing laundry, etc.

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